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tellal Estate Agency

tellal Estate Agency is based in Alanya to provide trustworthy services. Our priority is to give honest and reliable information from the first initial contact.

We always make an extra effort to find the right property for you and make you feel at home in Alanya; before, during and after the buying. We strive to offer you widest, best and most extensive choice of listings from both constructors and private sellers.

Acting on the Turkish property market you will find everyone from taxi drivers, waiters, hotel receptionists and shop workers. Often their knowledge is very limited. As a valued customer at our company you will always be able to turn to us for help and advise in all matters. You can benefit from us as an interested buyer, property owner or a possible seller of your property.

We cover all aspects of the sales circle and our focus is not only on the selling process, but just as much on the subsequent aftersales services. We provide safe economical terms, making sure that local pitfalls are avoided, giving you access to all the advantages that a strong organisation has to offer.

We recommend you to make an appointment prior to your visit…

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